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E-Commerce has changed how companies do business from the lack of brick and mortar stores to the ability to shop, compare and be entertained on-line. Developing a user friendly web site requires much analysis and research from basic content, to web hosts and features, all must be carefully weighed before any development occurs. Issues like how to make ordering secure and easy, ensuring repeat customers, reliable delivery, and how to ensure excellence in customer service rate high on users must have list. In developing the Heaven Sent Brownie website many similar companies were researched and a list of important features generated. Web hosts were analyzed for advantages and disadvantages and finally a concrete list of content for the site was created and incorporated into the final web design. This paper will explain the process used to complete this assignment and the final analysis.

Similar Companies Website AnalysisThe group analyzed many web sites to determine what exactly draws a customer to a web page and what keeps them there.

The number one issue for most internet users is security of using the site and of their personal information. Ensuring a website is secure is a draw for consumers and this has also been noted as the number one concern regarding internet shopping. Many web pages are pleasing to look at and easy to use. Other important features include nice graphics that load quickly and a page that is current. For return shoppers maintaining information is desired, favorites and updating the page is a must or they may get bored. Many web pages fail in areas like a basic design flaw, difficulty finding or ordering, no search capability or on-line assistance, and a general lack of customer service. These common elements of a regular shopping experience should be mimicked as much as...