Helena in Midsummer's Nights Dream

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Have you ever known anyone that was completely obsessed with another person and wanted that person no matter how they treated them? Well, in the story, Midsummer Night's Dream, a romantic comedy written by William Shakespeare, this girl Helena does the same thing only more of a stalker than anything. Helena is obsessed with Demetrius and her life revolves around him. She is honest and loyal to him but, she is just plain pathetic.

Helena is an honest person to Demetrius and loves him to death. In a couple of scenes, she tries to explain to Demetrius how much she loves him. In act 2 scene 1, Helena is trying to get Demetrius to fall in love with her, and honestly says that he could treat her any way she wants and she'll still love him. Obviously, she's crazy. Or maybe just loyal.

Helena is loyal to Demetrius in many ways.

She won't go after any man because she is so much in love with him. And she definitely won't let any other man come into her life unless it's Demetrius. For instance, when Lysander is put under the spell, Helena will not take him because she's too loyal to Demetrius. But loyalty can lead to a person being just plain pathetic.

Pathetic can absolutely describe Helena as a person. She literally tells Demetrius to treat her and beat her like a spaniel (dog), and she will still love him. He straight said that he frowns upon her if that were to happen and she would just smile. Is that pathetic enough for you? Poor girl just needs a break.

Although the girl was Honest and Loyal to the man she loved, she was plain pathetic. All the things this girl did for this guy and he didn't even love...