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Contents Introduction Background Genre, theme, title Character description Outline Personal opinion, personal reaction Introduction We had to read a novel so we could make a review of it. I thought it was a good idea, but I am Puck in the school play "˜Midsummernightsdream' and so I could make a review of that book and play. It's written by William Shakespeare.

Background I have to give answers to these questions: Where do the important events take place? What do you know of these places with respect to the theme? When does every important event take place? What do you know about the characters? Do they belong to a certain group? Which? The most important events is the marriage of Theseus, the duke of Athena, and Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons. That's were the story begins with. The marriage is going to happen at the first full moon. That will be in four days.

There are also four young people how are in the woods. Two of theme are in love. They want to escape, because they may not be together. There names are Lysander and Hermia. The other to are following them. One, Helena, because she likes the jealous boy who is running after the couple in love. And the boy who is running after the couple, Demetrius, because he should get married with the beautiful Hermia. In the woods happen a lot of things, but the most important one is that Puck, the jester of Oberon, puts a spell on Demetrius so he can love Helena back and there are two couples.

An other important thing is the ting between Oberon, the king of the elves, and Titania, the queen of the elves. The have an argument about a boy and cause of that argument they...