Literature Answer on "A Midsummer Nights Dream" by Willaim Shakespeare

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This task was to choose a scene in the play, state where it is in the play, outline briefly what happens and then explain why you think it is important.

The scene I have chosen is Act five, Scene 1 from page 108, at the point of the "prologue". This is a point near the end of the play in which the mechanicals (common folk/workmen) Peter Quince, Mister Snug, Nick Bottom, Francis Flute, Tom Snout and Robin Starveling are performing their play in front of the nobles and royalty at the three couples wedding. Their play is called "Pyramus and Thisby" and they have been rehearsing it for days.

The scene I have chosen begins with the prologue being read out. The storyline of the mechanicals play is of 2 lovers, Pyramus and Thisby, and how their love is separated by her father's wall. They arrange to meet at Ninus tomb by moonlight to visit each other so they don't have to talk and kiss through a wall.

Thisby arrives at the tomb first and waits for Pyramus to arrive. While she is waiting she is attacked by a lion that rips her cloak from her and bloodies it. Thisby runs away screaming, but unharmed. When Pyramus arrived a few minutes later he sees Thisbys torn cloak and thinks she is dead. Pyramus then commits suicide. Thisby returns after Pyramus has died and sees him lying there. She then takes up his sword and drives it into herself, killing her. The men then go on to ruin the whole play by standing up once 'dead' and explaining the play.

I chose to write about this scene in particular because I think it's a funny bit of the play. I also chose it because along with the main...