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Essay by Sadrina February 2003

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The sun wakens up in the morning, putting on his crimson cloak while emerging on the rise of East-mountain peak. The chirpy larks have always been early birds, dancing in the park, lauding the glamour of the sun. Then, rising gradually kitchen smoke, accompanied by people greeting remarks, horse neighing, and siren whistling, the whole Shanghai comes around from the merry and lively slumber. Looking out of the window, an overwhelming feeling comes over me, forcing me to say: "Hello, Shanghai!"

Shanghai, I'd like to say hello to your miraculous, breath-taking development over the years. Known as the financial center of China, called the pearl of the Orient, you are showing your fascination to the whole world everyday. Yes, we have found that you are developing faster and faster these years. Look! Located in the Pudong New Area, Jing Mao Tower is the third tallest building in the world.

Having the height of 1379 feet, it cannot be too proper for us to call the building "tower". Near the Jing Mao Tower, there is a real tower, that is the Oriental Pearl Tower. And from either of the top storey of these two constructions, we can have a clear look at you--Shanghai. The Yangpu and Nanpu Bridges are just like two dragons lying over our mother river and link you from Pudong Area and Puxi Area. These, together with the classical building on the Band, add quite a lot of beauty to you. Talking of the beauty of you, we must think of the new culture scenes in you--Shanghai Museum and the Grand Theatre. In Shanghai Museum, we can learn a lot such as the culture and life style of our ancestors, while the Grand Theatre leads us into the palace of music, opera and dance.

Shanghai, I'd...