Who is the hero in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare?

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Julius Caesar. His name alone summons up feelings of heroism, bravery, and tragedy. American Heritage dictionary states that a tragic hero is any man noted for feat of courage or nobility of purpose: especially, one who has risked or sacrificed his life. As the writing prompt asks who is the actual hero out of the play? And further more, who was the hero in the real-life history of Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire?

Several characters at first vie for the title of hero, including the namesake of the play, Caesar, himself. But could the hero be loyal best friend Marc Antony, the crafty Cassius, or virtuous Brutus.

My first thought is that Brutus is the hero in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. He is in a powerful position in the Roman government and seems to have the best interest of the Republic at heart. Even though he agrees to the assassination plot, he is torn between loyalty to Rome and loyalty to Caesar.

He fought the first attempts of Cassius to bring him into the murder plot. He was loyal to his friend and general Caesar. As Cassius begins working on Brutus he realizes that Rome is more important than friendship. He agrees to help in the assassination. After the deed is done he continues to question whether or not it was the right act. This speaks to his conscience and morals. People who question whether or not something is moral and good or bad and evil have character. Hero's must have character. However, the question is does he fit the dictionary definition of tragic hero? Remember, a hero is someone who is noted for feat of courage or nobility of purpose. I think it was an act of courage and noble of Brutus to sacrifice his friendship and...