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Truly Hero If a hero is someone who risks their life for others, then Oskar Schindler is a truly a hero. He was a man of great integrity, virtue and valor during World War II and throughout his life. I've tried to express what kind of a life and person Oskar Schindler was, and I ask you to evaluate yourself and decide if you could take the kind of risks Oskar Schindler did. As you learn about a man full of flaws just like the rest of us, I know that you too will appreciate the fact that an ordinary man can do extraordinary things.

What is a hero? A hero is one who has good manners, respectful, generous, trustworthy, faithful, dependable, and responsible. A hero can be any number of things. A hero can be someone who loves and cares for you, someone you look up to, or maybe someone ordinary who does the extraordinary.

Many people think of their favorite athlete or rockstar. Some may think of a famous speaker or activist. Whatever the case may be, most everyone has a hero. A person who I think heroic would be Oskar Schindler. He is a hero to thousands of Jews currently living across the United States and Europe because he risked his life and spent all he had to save a race of people his country was so against. He saved more than 1,200 human lives during the Holocaust of World War II and he is considered one of the greatest heroes of this century.

Oskar Schindler was born on April 18, 1908 in Zwittau, Austria-Hungary. Both his mother and father (Louisa and Hans Schindler) were German and they both were deeply religious. His father owned a farm machine factory, which was to be inherited by Oskar...