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Over the past 100 years, Australia has experienced a dramatic change in the structure of families. As our population is growing, our structure is changing, and many things have caused Australian families to change the way they once lived a century ago.

One of the main aspects of this change is marriage.

In the past, marriage was considered to be a completely different aspect to what it is today. Couples often married young, had children and lived together for the remainder of their lives whether they were happy in that marriage or not. Divorce was primarily unacceptable, or too expensive or too much hassle. The woman was expected to stay at home, while the man went to work. These days, things are a lot different, and could be looked upon as a lot more complicated.

It appears as though marriage is no longer considered the number one priority for women, compared to 50 years ago.

Women appear to be choosing careers over marriage and this may be because more jobs are widely available to women now, and they have become extremely successful in the work place.

According to recent marriage statistics, people also seem to be marrying later in life. In 2002, the average peak age for women was 25 years, compared to 20years in 1982. For men, the peak ages for marriage were an average of 29years, compared to 23 years in 1982.

This may be because today, both males and females wish to pursue successful careers before marriage, and considering that schooling and further education takes much longer now, compared to 50 years ago, it may well contribute to the delay in early marriage.

Another aspect that may contribute to the increasing age of marriage within Australia is the dramatic increase of divorce rates. For most of the...