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WW1. It's me and Ted crawling through the hot but soft cushioning sand. They're up there! I called to Ted. He couldn't see anything, and then he saw them in a puff of smoke. Then suddenly a big shell whistles over our heads. Shoot him! Ted was scared, he never killed anyone. Then he aims … and shoots. You missed. I missed? I was just joking Ted, you got him alright. Ted squeals in joy, and crawls straight ahead.

Ted is my best mate, we signed up together in our twenties. He wasn't the strongest, but when he achieved something he didn't want to do, he carried on. He been like a brother to me since we were five. I always cared for him because his parents weren't there to raise him. If he got into trouble I was responsible so I didn't trust anyone else with him.

He didn't stop crawling, he wants to keep going not knowing what was ahead.

He was like a mouse trapped in a maze not knowing what's over on the next turn. Suddenly a bomb goes whistling over our heads as we duck and blows in the distance. Ted wasn't taking this seriously, then I heard something. What was that? Don't worry jack there are no Turks here, we killed them all. I would always let Ted do what he wants as long as I went with him so if he would go and check what it was I would too. So then he left and goes over the sand hill running away over the horizon. Can you see anything! Ted? TED!! I ran away, looking over my shoulder there are five men shooting at me.

1914. Me and Ted were on a mission, to take over the beach and have control...