About the hidden impurities of the industrial revolution

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Impurities of the Industrial revolution

The industrial revolution was absolutely beneficial towards progress of the world from the 1800's through present day. However, the Industrial revolution was also commonly known as the "Gilded Age", due to the many hidden impurities. This period underwent not only an industrial revolution, but also affected the social, political, and economic growth of the nation. When one observes the negative aspects of this time, one will notice that the positive aspects clearly outweigh the negative.

Better jobs, wages, and more opportunities created a desire for people to move into the cities and resulted in significant social change.

A second wave of immigrants flooded America from Asia and Europe in hopes of obtaining a job. They were largely uneducated, speaking foreign languages, and were easily manipulated in working long ours for very low wages in poor working conditions. Due to the rise in population many problems occurred such as overcrowding, increase of pollution, and many diseases.

As unions formed, laws forced the factory owners to pay better wages and working conditions. As time passed work became much less tedious, prices rapidly decreased, and many job opportunities were created.

As many businesses became successful, generating great sums of money creating significant economic prosperity to occur. The Bessemer process allowed great abundances of cheap steal to be processed, helping the United States to open its first transcontinental railroad. Railroads helped cities to expand, allowed people to migrate, and products to be transported. The oil, railroad, and steel industries expanded causing their owners to obtain powerful monopolies. These owners took advantage of people's needs of jobs abusing and manipulating them. The low wages and long hours obviously supported robber barons, Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Vanderbilt to all soar in success.

Politically the government had a laissez-faire attitude. The government did...