How High School is Different from College?

Essay by Dhrupad July 2006

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There are many differences between high school and college. High school is one of the most important parts of the student's life, because it is the part that they enjoy more. High school means friends, knowledge, adventure, discoveries, and more. It is the time in which the students began to know what the real world is, the time in which they began to grow up to be what they will be with help of their support system (parents, teachers, friends), the time in which they share a lot of time with their closely friends, the time in which they want to be popular, and catch the attention of everybody. Therefore, they fight, they don't go to classes, and they yell to the teachers to prove that they are strong and brave. High school is also the time in which the parents pressure the students do the work required in order to graduate.

The students put the fun thing in high school. The parents and the teachers put the pressure on students, so both actions make one that most of the times gives satisfactory results. On the other hand, college is a total different thing. Even though in college there is more freedom, and there is no pressure by parents and teachers, the students are who put the pressure on themselves and the ones who take the decisions, because college is knowledge, responsibility, concentration, effort, sacrifice, time, money, etc. Students have the responsibility to do all they have to do in order to be successful in college. There are times in which the students have to sacrifice time with the family and friends, because they need to study. Many students have to work to pay their classes, books, and bills. After these sacrifices, the students need a full...