Hinduism Vs. Buddhism

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Many religions take similar paths and steps to help its followers or believers reach enlightenment. Other religions require its followers or believers to except one idea or creed. Some believe in God, and others do not. Whether they believe in gods or not, each religion has its followers who believe and follow the practices of their religion. Hinduism and Buddhism are two religions that have a lot of followers. The Hindu religion began about 5000 years ago. The word "Hindu"� came from the name of the river "Indus"� which flows through Northern India. The Persians who migrated to India called the river "Hindu"�, the land of the "˜Hindustan' and the people that lived near this river were called the "Hindus."� The religion came to be known as Hinduism. The basic tenets of Hinduism were brought to India by the Aryans who settled along the banks of the Indus river.

Hinduism is thought to be the oldest religion in human civilization.

Hinduism is the dominant religion in India. Over 80% of India's people practice the Hindu religion. Hinduism may be divided into three periods"¦. The ancient(650BCE-1000AD), the medieval (1000-1800 AD) and the modern(1800AD-present). The Hindu followers believe in idol worship, caste system, reincarnation, karma, dharma, and moksha. They also believe in moral ideals, for example: non violence, friendship, compassion, truthfulness, self-control, fortitude, purity, and generosity. They believe in one supreme God called Brahman. They are associated with many gods, and they worship all of them. The gods and goddesses that they worship are all mini aspects of the Brahman. They are also in different forms such as spirits, animals, and plants. The gods, or deities symbolize divine power.

Buddhism began in about 600 BC. The civilians were getting tired of the caste system. They were getting very materialistic and they...