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From what I know about the American economy after World War II, I know that it changed in many ways. People look at World War II as one of the reasons that the Great Depression ended. World War II opened up many jobs for many people in the United States. Men that were not fighting in the war had many jobs here in the U.S. and even women worked in factories building airplanes, ships, tanks, ammunition, etc. By 1943, America sold more than half of its production over seas. We sold tools, machinery, petroleum, metals, and grain to both sides since we were neutral at first. The end of World War II also caused the stock market to rise again. Technology was taking great steps forward. The United States also shifted in a massive way from mostly farming to mostly manufacturing jobs and services. Most of the information that I know about the economy after World War II I learned in high school.

However, I also learned some of my information that I know today was also learned from my grandmother. She talked a lot about the times that she was growing up and a lot of the information that she talked about was the economy after World War II because that is when she was attending college. She was very informative when giving me information about her life as she grew up so I got many details of many different things that happened to her and to the world at that time.

I am not as knowledgeable about the ideology of the Cold War and its relation to the breakdown of wartime alliances after the end of World War II; however, I will give you as much information that I know. The information that I know is...