History of Muslims in London

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IntroductionIn past History, Muslims were known to travel a lot, as there was a zeal in Muslims to spread the word of God, and to understand the way the world works. One such Muslim was Ibn Battuta, who toured the Muslim world during the 14th century. Thus, this trading and travelling culminated in some key consequences in the Muslim world because as Muslim merchants travelled around the globe, they took their religion along, in an effort to spread it. Also, as a result of Muslims coming into contact with the cultures of other people around the world, they borrowed some styles and ideas from these cultures, and the trading also enabled Muslims to prosper, and their towns to grow faster. Initially, the first set of Muslims that came to London were the Yemenite sailors of the nineteenth century. During the First and Second World War, a lot of Muslims from the Commonwealth nations also served in the British army, and due to the wave of immigration which came after the Second World War, a great number of Muslims migrated form Commonwealth countries to London.

Initially, a lot of these Muslims came from Gujarat and Pakistan, and the initial wave of immigration lead to other Muslims migrating from the Eastern part of Pakistan (also know as Bangladesh). A lot of Muslims also came from various Pakistani provinces, like the Punjab region, and also from Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and other parts of the Arab world. As it is, at present, London's Muslims come from all around the world.

Most of the Muslims in London are descendants of the Muslims who immigrated into London from the Indian subcontinent, especially from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. A considerable number of Muslims also immigrated into London from Somalia and other Arab countries as London has the...