History of Woman in U.S.

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An English clergyman and historian Thomas Fuller once said "A woman, a spaniel, and a walnut tree. The more they're beaten, the better they be." His views of woman are similar to the views of his time period, where no respect of woman are shown, and they are not considered human beings simply of the comparison he has made of them with a spaniel and walnut tree. Similar view can be found centuries later in the rapper Eminem with his controversial song Kim, which is a song about his treatment of his wife and his view of woman in general.

The song Kim is in a format of a skit where Eminem gets into an argument with his wife, and decide to take matter into his own hands. Listeners can predict the reason for such argument because Eminem mentions in his lyrics that Kim is cheating on him with another man, "How could you let him sleep in our bed?" Eminem questions his wife, but later gets confused because he also has cheated on her but never thought it would come back and haunt him.

"Never knew me cheatin' on you would come back to hunt me.

But we was kids then Kim, I was only 18! That was years ago, I thought we wiped the slate clean." Here, Eminem offers his "legitimate excuse" for cheating on his wife, saying that he was only 18 and that he was young, which he thinks is a good reason that can regain his wife's trust after something this lamentable and deplorable. However, when Eminem found out about the affair, he expresses his view of her with these words; "I HATE YOU...I HATE YOU...I SWEAR TO GOD I HATE YOU....OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU .....HOW THE f*ck COULD YOU DO THIS TO...