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Abraham Lincoln took office on March 4, 1861. He became president of the disunited states because 7 states had already seceded.


*Lincoln's inaugural address stressed that there would be no conflict unless the S. provoked it. He said that secession was wholly impractical and he was right because the N&S were bound inseparably 2gether. If the S. were to depart would the S. be forced to pay their debt to the N and would they receive any of the jointly held federal lands?

*If the US were to break up this would benefit European imperialists


*Fed. Forts in the S. seized arsenals, mints, and other public property w/in their borders. There remained only 2 forts that still flew the US flag in the S. 1 of which was Fort Sumter

o Sumter only hadenuf provisions to last 4 a couple of weeks(until the mid of April 1861)

oif no supplies were provided it would have to surrender w/o firing a shot.

Lincoln notified the South Carolinians that an expedition would be sent 2 supply the garrison however 4 the S. this meant the same as "reinforcement" A union naval force started on its way 2 Fort Sumter which the S. regarded as an act of aggression. On April 12, 1861.

oEffect: The N. is outraged "Remember Fort Sumter" after this N. started tos ay that if the S. wanted to go they should not be pinned to the US w/arms. "Wayward sisters, depart in peace"

*The fort was lost but the Union saved. Lincoln issued a call to the states for 75,000 militamen, and volunteers. So many men volunteered that many were turned away. A big mistakes

*April 19& 27 Pres. announces a...