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The book "Holes" by Louis Sachar, is a smart jigsaw puzzle like novel in which tells the story of Stanley Yelnats a young teenage boy, who happened to be under a curse that began with his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing great-great-grandfather. Stanley was arrested and sent to a recreation camp called Camp Green Lake, where he was made to dig a hole everyday day after scorching day In the hot dried out lake bed, “you’re digging to build character”, from page 29, is a good example of there philosophy at Camp Green Lake. Throughout the days in Camp Green Lake, he was able to discover the real history of his family. Stanley was an overweight kid and embarrassed of his size, he lacks in social skills and has no friends, his teacher made fun off him and he was bullied by smaller kids.

Stanley never had much luck, he always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you never quite understand yourself until you're tested and for young Stanley this happened way too much.

Stanley wasn't who other people thought he was. However, during his time at Camp green lake he begins to value himself, he made friends, he lost weight, and broke the curse held over his descendants for all and eternity. The one friend Stanley made was a young boy named ‘zero’, hector zeroni, who Stanley taught to read and wright, and cairs for him on gods thumb.

Camp Green Lake with Stanley and Hector is an exciting experience, I personally forgot I was reading the story and found myself in the middle of it, it even seemed impossible at times to think I was reading the story. Stanly uncovered important information which put everyone in dread changed his life. He found a suit case, precisely the reason they were put to dig a hole every day. In the suitcase he found together with hector, there were valuable papers and jewelry, altogether was worth about 2 million dollars, which was shared evenly between Stanley and hector. Stanley and his family had enough money to move into a new house and Zero hired a team of private investigators which enabled him to find his lost mother. After all the obstacles, I guess that's just what they both deserved. "You will have to fill in the holes yourself," from page 231. The author is trying to tell us that we have the responsibility to try to undo every single mistake we have made. In conclusion I enjoyed reading the adventures in this book even though the ending seems a bit unrealistic. I think Louis Sachar should be congratulated for righting such a thrilling novel.

Reference: SACHAR, Louis. "Holes"