Homeschool for the Future

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In the article "Most Likely to Succeed," Amy Hollingsworth writes about being "successful" versus being a mother that homeschools her children. She implies that while homeschooling is very rewarding, it is something a person chooses instead of success. If children are the future, then the only true success comes from raising them with good morals, common sense, and a knowledge base gained only through a good education. Is the public school system giving today's children all these things they need to succeed and become the future of our country? Because the public school system is failing today's children in so many ways, parents must take up the banner and fight for our future by homeschooling their children.

Many schools in America have become unsafe. After a number of school shootings or incidents of violence, many schools in large cities have metal detectors at the doors and security guards checking children's bags.

What is a child learning while he is being frisked? At home the same child could be learning any number of things from the safety and protection of his own home, where the risk of him being shot for calling someone a name, or believing in Jesus is dramatically less than at a public school. Children should be able to learn in an environment they feel safe in.

The public school system has become such a censored institution. No prayer in schools, no ten commandments, no pledge of allegiance because it says the word "God." No one can make mention of their religion or personal beliefs because someone else might hear and it could hinder their right not to believe. The fact is, many families do have a religion. No matter what that religion is, they want their children to learn from it. The curriculum for the homeschooled child...