Homosexuality Does Exist!

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Intro to Psychology PS 101

July 15th, 2006

Psychology Paper

Homosexuality Does Exist!

In this paper, I'll be discussing the controversy of "is treating homosexuality ethical and effective?" For many centuries and in many cultures, homosexuality was apart of it. Now that we have reached into the 21st Century, homosexuality is bigger then ever. But scientist and researchers have been trying to find a way to cure this "disease"? Some say it's ethical and effective, and others say it isn't to do treatments. First off we will be discussing the pros to treatment for homosexuality. The NARTH association, this group of therapists agrees that treatment of homosexuality is very ethical and only effective as long as the clients are seeking it. Some psychotherapists have taken into consideration that it can be a developmental disorder, called gender-identity disorder. Those that are with the therapy defend their case by saying if the client is unhappy and want treatment, then it is ethical.

Joseph Nicolosi, writer of the article "What is Homosexuality? Reorientation Therapists Disagree", says " I myself take view that homosexuality is a developmental disorder and is potentially preventable […]When the underlying emotional needs and identification deficits are addressed, clinical experience has shown me that the fantasies and behavior diminish, for many people, there follows an awaking of heterosexual responsiveness." So as one can see, these psychotherapists believe that treatment is very effective and it is very ethical to help homosexuals become heterosexuals once again. (http://www.leaderu.com/orgs/narth/disagree.html)

Where as, the American Psychological Association states that homosexuality is not a choice, but it is our choice if we decide to act out those feelings that we have. When someone decides to go to therapy it sometimes because the family or religious group they are apart of influences them to change. The APA has...