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Puritans Vs Cavaliers

Who are the cavaliers?. The cavaliers were the supporters of king Charles I in 17th century England .The cavaliers were Catholics and Anglicans. Their attitude was "Carpe Diem" Theater is entertainment, dance is a social event. Cavaliers social status was the noble and upper class. Also their religion was separatist .As we go to their politics, they were royalists; support for Monarchy Divine rule. They had their own color which was green .Their leader was beheaded after a civil war .Their hairstyle were long and had wigs. The cavaliers supporters were the House of Commons; S&E England; Puritans; Merchants; Townspeople; More Urban, more posterous. The cavalier appearance was that they wore silk ,velvet, elegant clothing - colorful. Characteristics:1)Beauty and Love. For example, pleasure seekers and womanizers .2) loyal to the king: supported king Charles I and they sacrificed life for him and were loyal to him at all cost.3)

They used simple and musical language by using colloquium, monosyllabic, and rythymic power.

On the other hand, who were the puritans?.They were Catholics who rejected the queen Elizabeth religion and opposed Roman Catholics .They wanted simple religion. Puritans were separatists/protestant. Their attitudes were somber and serious. Theater and dancing detrimental. The puritan's social status was the lower and middle class. The politics of the puritans was commonwealth; parliamentary rule - no monarchy. Puritans were roundheads, and preferred orange color.Oliver Cromwell was the general of the Puritan Army and leader of the Commonwealth (Interregnum). He is a dictator. The Puritans hairstyle was short hair. They supported House of Commons; S&E England; Puritans; Merchants; townspeople; more urban, more posterous. As for their appearance, they wore drab clothing; dark colors (black, grey, dark blue), stiff fabrics. Characteristics: 1) serious in attitude and the nobility of theme. They devoted...