The Hound of the Baskervilles

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Imagine this Sherlock Holmes and his trusted sidekick Watson sitting around in an old county townhouse. When suddenly there comes a knocking and a scratching at the front door.

Did you imagine it? Did it seem real or is it just the work of fiction to you.

In hound of the Baskervilles Sherlock Holmes and Watson are out to seek a phantom dog that has fiery eyes and that is killing everyone of the bakervilles from medieval times unto the present with the most recent kill Sir Henry Baskervilles uncle, Sir Charles. With a killer running free on the moor, a mysterious man seen on a hill, and a growing conspiracy in every corner on the countryside.

Sure, this is a work of fiction, but certain types of fiction are there to entertain and this book entertained me. Even though this book may seem just a shallow and ancient it comes alive with all of the detail put into it and through the theme of the book, which is to prove that not all supernatural happenings are really supernatural at all.

In this story, like so many others, the exposition gets us into the story and creates a sense of perspective. Here Dr. Mortimer tells Holmes and Watson of the curse plauging the Baskerville family. He tells the story of the first dog eating family member named Hugo and Dr. Mortimer tells about all the neighbors and events recently happening on the moor.

Though many things make up the "rising action" of the plot line only one really contributes to it. Watson having discovering the remains of a burnt letter goes to the town of Coombe Tracey in the hunt of a mystery lady that had a meeting with Sir Charles at the exact time and place of his death.