The House

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Upon the hill in south west California there lived a man. He had for many years lived in his small hut on the hill. He had no electricity or plumbing, and very little furniture, only a matress, chair, small table and an old picture. The hut was only one big room. He lived far away from anyone else and had to find his food and drink in the forest surrounding his hut. But the old man loved his hut more than life itself. Every day he woke with a mile on his face, glad to see the familiar surroundings of his hut.

He had only once been to a real town. 23 years ago he had walked to a town almost 30 miles away. What he had seen there had astonished him. Houses upon houses were piled down a dusty street. Huge stores had everything one could dream of.

This looked like the happiest place in the world. He walked around town for awhile, looking at all the people. What he saw made him more and more sad. All these people, living in this heaven with all you could ever want, were all so sad. No one ever smiled to each other and all they ever seemed to do was complain. The old man stayed for only a few hours, and when he finally had left the town far behind, he breathed freely again, anxious to get home....