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So, you are planning to live here on Manor Farm. You must have some questions. In this letter I'll try my best to help answer them.

I can remember when the cruel Mr. Jones owned Manor Farm. When Mr. Jones was our owner we were always working and barely fed. His cruelty helped to bring the rebellion and the birth of Animal Farm. That and a very respected pig named Old Major who called a meeting one night. In the meeting, Major talked about a dream he had. His dream was about the animals having a rebellion, giving up the shackles of humanity. This dream was the last piece of the puzzle. These events brought the rebellion.

After the rebellion was completed, two pigs became our leaders. Their names were Snowball and Napoleon. They set rules for us to follow. At that moment the farm was renamed Animal Farm.

The rebellion changed our lives for the better, in the beginning. At that time we were happy. We ate more and worked less. We even began to educate ourselves. I learned how to read. Those were good times. Then Snowball, one of our leaders, was chased off the farm. Snowball was full of great ideas. His departure brought the downfall of Animal Farm.

After Snowball left, many of the rules set in the beginning began to change. Many animals died. The death of Boxer, a strong hardworking horse, was a horrible event. The pigs began to act superior to the other animals. We worked harder then ever before and ate less.

Then one day, the pigs invited humans to the farm. It was tragic. Along with other animals, I saw the pigs eating, drinking, talking, and walking like humans. It was horrible. I couldn't tell the pigs from the humans. They both acted alike. Now our lives are degrading and pointless.

Newcomer, please don't come to our farm. You will face many hardships. You will work all day and barely be fed. If these are not the conditions you are in, you're better off staying where you are.