"The House On Mango Street" by Sandra Cisneros.

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Sandra Cisneros's novel titled The House on Mango Street tells the story of Esperanza Cordero through a series of short chapters depicting various fictional thoughts, life experiences, and observations of people from the main characters point of view. Each account is written in a unique style; an informal matter, as if the author were telling a story to a group of people. As one reads her work, one gets the feeling almost as if they are being read a story aloud. I personally found some parts of the story to be comical, while others were moving and emotional.

The setting of the story is a poor Hispanic neighborhood in Chicago. Judging from the cars people drive, it is probably the 1960's. The neighborhood is very close-knit, full of immigrants who don't speak English well and rarely leave the area.


Main Character: Esperanza

Esperanza is probably around 12 years old.

She is Mexican- American. She has just moved to Mango Street, and the entire book is about her reactions to the people and things around her, and the way those shape her as she matures over a period of one year.

Minor Characters:


Esperanza's younger sister. Esperanza cares for Nenny, though she also finds her annoying because of her innocence and childish ways. They have the closest relationship of any of the other characters.

Lucy and Rachel

Sisters who are always together and don't care much what other people think of them, and for this Esperanza admires them. Together, the girls have many adventures.

Mrs. Cordero

Esperanza's mother who feels disappointed in herself for not continuing with her education, because she feels she could have made more of her life. She doesn't want her children to make the same mistake.


Esperanza admires her. She is beautiful,