"The House of the Seven Gables"

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In the novel, "The House of the Seven Gables", written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, distributes symbolism from a home that belonged to a family who prided themselves the best in the whole society. The House is built on land that is owned by Matthew Maule. Colonel Pyncheon built a massive house and took the land from Maule. The house of the seven gables was built with pride and cursed with death. These are symbols that destroy the Pyncheon family. The house suffers from decay and disrepair, like the Pyncheon family. It was built one hundred and sixty years; according to the novel. The massive elm tree has however flourished throughout the years. It represents new life for the house. It known as "the Pyncheon Elm." The house is the very first symbol in the novel. It represents death and rebirth.

"The House of the Seven Gables, antique as it looks, was not the first habitation erected by civilized man on precisely the same spot of ground."

Before the House of the Seven Gables was built, the land was owned by Matthew Maule, who was hung to death. Colonel Pyncheon took over the land and was killed by the curse that Maule had cast on the house. Instead of having a majority of good examples of domestic ideology we receive the other side. We are introduced to what we can call the Pyncheon version of domestic ideology. This version of ideology revolves around the male side of the family predominantly. This form of domestic ideology consists of a no holds barred route in which to achieve victory. This particular way of going about things comes with a price, a hefty price. To better understand the notion of the Pyncheon version of domestic ideology and how it applies to both...