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Human resource planning is the process of analyzing an organization's needs for various employees in accord with its goals and devising activities to meet those needs. This planning consists of forecasting an organization's needs for employees in accordance with organizational goals and determining both the components of each job necessary to meet those goals and the characteristics of the people needed to fill each job. In simplest terms, human resource planning is about filling jobs. A job is defined as the array of tasks and responsibilities given to an employee in order to meet organizational goals. Levi had developed a mission statement to identify the basic values and mission for the company, they also adapted and revised Human Resource programs to fit local cultural differences in different countries where Levi operates.

During the Human resource planning process, one main component is forecasting human resource needs. When forecasting human resource needs, the organization must determine the number of employees required, the skills they must have, and when they will be required.

These needs are affected by personnel changes within the organization, by changes in organizational plans or structure, and by variations in the organization's demand for human resources or in the supply of job candidates both inside and outside the organization. In the case, Levi's has implemented cross-country movement of managers and professionals would help to expand the company's global perspectives. In addition, international jobs are posted throughout Levi which helps employees to develop their abilities in the directions they desire.

Even if an organization's strategy and staffing levels remain static, managers must still anticipate the human resource demand caused when employees take new positions within the organization. Levi has provided extensive investment training which focusing on the key dimensions of the aspiration statement of the company. By spending extensive time...