HRM 427 - Critical Issues in Human Resource Management

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Value of HR Paper

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HRM 427 - Critical Issues in Human Resource Management

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September 02, 2008

Value of Human Resource

Human Resource management functions to promote and enhance the development of work effectiveness and the advancement of human resources in the organization. Human resource is accomplished by proper planning, organizing, coordinating, administering of activities related to personnel. These management functions are related to the personnel manager's duties in procurement, motivation, and compensation of employees to reach the goals set by the organization.

By staffing, the organization analyzes its manpower needs, especially under changing conditions and developing activities necessary to accomplish these needs. It is a continuous planning process as HR ensures that the firm has the right number of people, with the right skills, and is assigned to the right jobs where he can contribute most effectively.

Indeed, when we talk about staffing of employees in general, we are actually encompassing the human resource planning. Of course, HR planning would have to run parallel with the overall plan of the business (Millmore, 2003).

By employee development, the firm recognizes the truth to the fact that productivity increases if and when there is continuous learning of human resources in the company. Employee development and training call for HR to think through its systems and procedures given the reason that it would be subjected to searching analysis and evaluation during supervisory training where it would be scrutinized and given possible constructive suggestions. Training is necessary for various reasons: productivity, effectiveness on the present job, qualification for a better job, and for morale booster. This is why all top management formulates a policy and procedure on training of all levels of the...