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Introduction Windorf Co. has recently recruited me as responsible for the Human Resource department. It was a difficult challenge due to the problems that the company faced in the past in this department. It was so poorly handled before that the Board of Directors and the staff in general did not considered this position important for the current activities of the enterprise.

As a Human Resource Manager the possibilities- in improving, and implementing new methods in personnel and development -are very big with enormous margins of action. First, what happened before in this position must not happen again and second, the changes made should recover the interest and importance of this position among the staff and Directors of the Company.

In order to have a good start in this particular case study we should design a Code of Ethical Behaviour, explain the importance of Human Resource department in the company, and improve the image of this department.

1. Code of Ethical Behaviour ?More and more companies are, rightly, developing and publishing value statements and code of ethics. Ethics codes may include the guiding principles the organisation follows in conducting its business and relating to its stakeholders (employees, customers, etc.). A code will also summarise the ethical standards expected of employees. These may include conflicts of interest, the giving and receiving gifts, confidentiality, health and safety, equal opportunities...? (*) Ethics is defined as guiding principles that help us decide between right and wrong. Having a Code of Ethics in this company is very important because a new re-engineering process has been developed and left the company with new departments and new functions. Its very important to design a code that will help these new functions work together in synchronic.

In order to elaborate a Code of Ethics we have to identify...