Human Capital Concepts Worksheet & M-Core

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This concept was chosen because the M-Core, Inc. scenario displays choices of avoidance. Burke and Little both have reasons they wish to remain in their homes for a few more years. The opportunity for negotiation with M-Core exists to allow both women to remain in their homes for a designated period and sell at a pre-determined amount. Both women are avoiding the situation and not actively searching for resolution. Wilmot and Hocker (2001) state that "avoidance leads to a downward spiral of avoidance" (p. 216). The reasons for the avoidance are these women believe they lack the skills to deal with the conflict, or they believe they do not have the right to bring up a negotiation. The scenario does not mention having a third party mediator to discuss other possible outcomes and M-Core is not using the value of a third-party negotiator. M-Core wants to either purchase the properties or condemn the properties.

Wilmot & Hocker (2001)Dynamics of anger and fearLittle is expressing her anger and fear concerning the possibility of condemning her property. She states that moving her mother "will kill her" and is probably an over dramatization. Peterson's responsibility is to reduce Little's fear and this is one reason this concept was chosen. Peterson needs to use this opportunity to "acknowledge the fear, clarify the situation, gauge the intensity and importance of the issue, invite the other in working towards solutions, and make an optimistic relational statement" (Wilmot & Hocker, 2001, p. 228).

Mark Merchant is demonstrating anger and fear in his email to Nicholas Petros when he states, "We can't wait around for these people forever!" The wording in the email shows fear of failure in the expansion of M-Core, especially when he states "life is too short to find yourself on the losing team." Merchant...