Human Resource Management at Convergys

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Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG), a member of the S&P 500 and the Forbes' Platinum 400, is the global leader in integrated billing, employee care and customer care services provided through outsourcing or licensing. Servicing some of the topmost companies in telecommunications, internet, cable and broadband services, technology, financial services and other industries, Convergys brings together world class resources, software, and expertise aiding in the creation of valuable relationships between its clients and their customers and their employees.

Convergys is committed to following the first rule of business: "Take care of your customers or your competitors will"

Being the world's largest outsourcer of customer care services, Convergys' value lies in its ability to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its clients' contact centre activities. This approach has lead to an enhanced customer experience while reducing costs and increasing revenues.

In the search for competitive advantage, a well-trained and flexible workforce can adapt quickly and easily to new opportunities.

Working within a structure that is clearly aligned with corporate strategy, companies can drive revenues up, keep costs down, and clearly differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Karen Bowman, president of Employee Care at Convergys said, "Aligning the workforce to business objectives is clearly top of mind among executives today.

Globally integrated HR solutions help an organisation to gain visibility into the trends and profiles of their workforce. This critical HR intelligence helps them accurately plan business initiatives and maximize their return on human capital investments."

Human Resource Management Strategy

"The best organizations change the paradigm

by which they view the HR function -- they define it

as an organization with resources, customers, and

services to deliver. Then they set about finding out

what the "customers" think of the "services" they

are receiving."

Today in the BPO sector, Human Resource has become an...