Humanism, What humanists do for a living and what they need to focus on in life.

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What is humanism? Humanism is something LIKE a belief in European Middle Ages after the time of Rome. The Humanists (People who believed in humanism) liked to individual work. Commitment to public service was a plus in the life of a humanist. Developing your indivual skills and talents was another thing that humanists focused on also. Humanism was very important in the European Middle Ages.

Individual work was something that Humanists like to do. Writing and reading new and old books, and scrolls was something that Humanists like to do. Humanists also drew pictures and made sculptures with a lot of linear lines. Humanists where focusing on a "well rounded" life. If you are well rounded it means that you are well ecucated and clever in many diffrent skills and talents. Humanists believed that anyone could do the greatest of things if they tried hard enough.

Commitment to public service was a must in a humanists life.

Humanists helped solve public problems, and helped with services in any way that they could. Humanists focused on the life that they where living and not the after life. They believed that they could work off their sins by doing great things. Public service, liberal arts, and education could lead to the best of lives in Humanism. Humanists even studied greek and Roman art, language, and architecture to help in their policy makeing.

Development of individual skills and talents. If you were a humanist you would focus a lot on doing arts and studying on your own. None of your friends would come over to have study groups or anything like that. In a humanists life they would work by themselves most of the time. Raising their arts and studying was a major role in a humanists life.

Humanism is also used...