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A hurricane is an intense, rotating ocean storm that winds are outrageously fast. Hurricanes are caused by low pressure areas in warm oceans. Water vapor is key to hurricanes forming and is also called the “fuel” of the hurricane. For a hurricane to develop water must be warm, the air must be filled with moisture, and winds have to be available. The warm and cooler air molecules start to spin and create thunder clouds and a hurricane appears.

One hurricane that was incredibly strong was hurricane Iniki. Hurricane Iniki originated on the coast of the Hawaiian Islands. No hurricane had ever hit the Hawaiian Islands before. This hurricane was the third worst hurricane in the United States and was categorized a four on the Saffir-Simpson Scale.

The maximum speed of this tremendous hurricane was a speed of 174 mph. The part of the Hawaiian Islands that were hit the worst was the south, east, and north sides of Kauai.

Storm tides were 4.5 to 6.3 above normal and 20 to 35 foot waves. There was also a subsequent amount of flooding all over the island of Kauai. People that lived through this said it was the worst and scariest thing they had ever seen.

The results of hurricane Iniki was that it affected almost the whole island of Kauai. The number of deaths in total was 6 which people were very fortunate it wasn’t more. The damage of this hurricane was approximately $1.8 billion dollars. Power outages lasted for several months and in some places a year.

Emergency help luckily reacted quickly to this hurricane. American Red Cross built shelters for victims hurt and without homes. The local government helped out a lot and also the United States military. After this hurricane people had and still to this day have nightmares and some buildings are still damaged. Therefore, Hurricane Iniki was rated third worst in the U.S.

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