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People need to realise that the ocean will not be forever if we keep treating it as we are. No plant or animal can survive long without water. Many factories need water in order to operate their machinery. Other people such as Farmers need water in order to plant their food. Water is essential to us all. Water is used for work and for play, but if we are not carefull we may soon run out of useable water. Waterways are not as vast as peple once thought they were, they are also not able to absorb all the garbage we put into them. An example of how bad our waters are is that if you were to eat conatminated seafood you would have a chance of getting viral, bacterial, chromosomal, and genetic diseases. Although some contaminants are naturally present in marine waters, human activity has greatly increased the types and quantities of hazardous organisms in marine waters.

People who eat polluted fish may become sick and eventually die. There are many sources of water pollution, the biggest source is oil spills. We need to take better care of our waters or we will not have them for much longer.