The Iceman

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The Iceman, called Oetzi by his founders, is the oldest and besr preserved body from prehistory ever found. But how could he lie in the Alps about 5000 years without getting broken and without being found?

There are many dicussions about him, his age and the artifacts he had. Some scientists believed that he had been killed by somebody during a war because his body shows signs that he was shot be an arrow.

But other scientists said that he might have fall down by trying to climb on top of a mountain because he had an injury on his head.

There is also a big question about the blood on his shoulders. It is not his wown. With the help of a DNA test it was tested that the blood on the Iceman's shoulders had a different DNA structure than his own blood. There must have been somebody else?! Some investigators assumed he might have carried somebody else but they will never be sure about that.

The archeologists analyzed the Iceman's artifacts as well such as a knife made of rocks, an ax with a copper blade, a bow and arrows, a quiver made of leather, a firestriker. These are a lot of things for a man from a time period in which not even writing or farming was developed.

How can it be sure in what time Oetzi had lived? Through testing the carbondioxide in the Iceman's good preserved lungs scientists know approximately the time the Iceman lived which happens to be around 3000 B.C. in the Neolithic Age.

The investigators analyzed all artifacts the Iceman had, to prove his living time. For example was the ax made of copper which was very unusual for the Neolithic age. The Copper Age followed the Neolithic time. Scientists concluded...