Identity in the American Revolution

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Essay Question: What factors contributed to the formation of a distinctive sense of identity that was expressed by a significant individual or group in the American revolution?What were the characteristics of this identity, and what actions did this significant individual or group take to express their identity?A distinct patriotic American identity was formed during the American Revolution. A few vital factors were instrumental in forming this set identity. Britain imposed numerous sanctions upon the colonies (known as the 'intolerable acts') that caused them to band together in a unified identity against Britain. In addition, a shared set of religious precepts were conducive in reaffirming the maxims of liberty and freedom as set principals of the patriotic endeavour. This group identity was characterised by its doughty determination and overt hostility towards certain aspects of British rule and it was this unified determination that under girded the patriotic identity. The formation of policies such as the Declaration of Independence and the meeting of the first continental congress expressed by this identity provided the framework for the revolutionary war that followed.

It was the patriot victory in this war that supplanted British rule in America.

The American colonists' travel to the 'new world' was posited on the assumption that they would lead a better life in America, free from the poverty and persecution experienced in Britain. The 'intolerable acts' (as coined by the colonists) were a series of sanctions imposed upon the colonies in response to the Boston Tea Party. These acts violated the colonists' new-found freedoms. Colonists felt that the taxes (imposed by the 'intolerable acts') were unfair; they resented the various restrictions forced upon them and the extra power given to British officials.

The 'intolerable acts' proved to be an important factor in strengthening the patriot identity because they spurred...