If you had four extra hours per day, what would yo

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This applicant was accepted by the following business schools: Harvard Business School, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Northwestern University (Kellogg), University of Chicago, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan), Columbia University, Duke University (Fuqua) and the University of Virginia Four extra hours would allow me to engage in satisfying personal activities that I cannot currently squeeze into my schedule. For one hour each day, I would teach weightlifting classes at Gold's Gym, where I hold a lifetime membership. I would also volunteer to teach nutrition classes to beginning bodybuilders and weightlifting enthusiasts.

In a perfect world, I would devote two hours per day to my Internet business, WeFixIt.com. The site is a marketing tool for my consumer complaint business, which writes letters on behalf of wronged consumers who have been cheated by large corporations. I am passionate about helping others protect their hard-earned cash and devote as much time as possible to writing complaint letters.

Sadly, the demand for my service will always outstrip my available writing time.

In my final additional hour, I would meditate silently in my bedroom, relaxing every muscle and tendon in my body. I achieve maximum performance at my job when I release stress on a daily basis. In addition to aerobic exercise, yoga and spiritual meditation provide essential respite for my body, mind and soul. I emerge from my meditative breaks feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges of a new day.