If you want kitchen cabinets you need new shingles on the roof

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You Need New Shingles On The Roof If You Want New Kitchen Cabinets

Bob Vila, the host of 'Home Again,' always makes his projects look so easy. Most people fail to realize why good ole' Bob is able to make things appear so easy on television. You see, Bob has a fifty man crew made up of world class carpenters hidden out of site behind the camera. These carpenters are the best and are armed to the teeth with Sears' best craftsman power tools. They stay out of site until a commercial comes on and then they run out from behind the camera and take care of all of the hard to do tasks that good ole' Bob never tells you about. Seemingly harmless projects to fix up your house can have terrible consequences that lay waiting for the poor and unsuspecting handyman. They are usually a great deal more involved than what you may have bargained for.

Around September in 1995, my wife was watching Bob on television. He was installing a new set of kitchen cabinets in an old house. Well, she decided that I needed to do the same thing because it was a very simple and non time consuming project. She said that Bob did it in thirty minutes and so could I. She took me to 'Home Depot' in Orange Park and picked out her new kitchen cabinets. I was a little unsure about this kitchen cabinet thing, but the salesman assured us that the entire project would be a 'turn key' installation. The salesman asked me if I wanted them to deliver the materials. I declined his offer because I could do it myself and save money. So, I waited for a nice clear day to go back to pick up...