Illegal Immigration: What do you think you know?

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This subject is not exactly the easiest "coffee talk" or dinner chat that one can have, but it is necessary to put it out there and make those unaware, aware. Not everyone in this wonderful country of ours has had the experience of seeing a hungry child selling trinkets in the streets with barely a torn Florida Marlins t-shirt on (from some charity who donated to the poor of a third-world country and thought they did a lot to change the life of this child) trying to make a bit of money so she can go home to her cardboard and cement one room only house and give her mother the little money she made to support that alcohol habit of hers and then have to make dinner because the mom, pregnant with yet another child to add to her six, can't get up and make it herself, being passed out drunk on one of the two mattresses on the floor.

Little did this girl know her mommy wouldn't get up again, being an alcoholic diabetic and having an untreated infected wound. Now, stuck with her five brothers and sisters, struggling to survive in a country who doesn't give a damn about its poor or its people, but instead in power, corruption, money and economic status. No, in our beautiful nation stuff like that isn't seen, just heard of around election time when it's promised to be solved. See, in third world countries like Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and other Latin American nations, the negative aspect of life isn't brought up around elections its lived with and ran into everyday of our lives there. It isn't something hidden behind walls or better neighborhoods, its life there and it's accepted since there isn't a solution to be done or any...