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A horrible beginning to a beautiful summer day on Martha's Vineyard. I go inside the house and turn on the television. Flipping through the channels, I notice an emergency message posted, "Two convicts sentenced to life for multiple murders in Chicago escaped from New Alcatraz. Possibly swam to Martha's Vineyard. Started a riot to make a distraction and escaped over the walls." New Alcatraz is located off of Martha's Vineyard. The distance between the islands, about 2,500 feet. Anybody with arms and legs can swim across with a little trouble. It happened today.

The sun shines, the sky looks immaculate. A beautiful day to go to the beach. Wherever I look off my balcony I see wonderfully grown trees as green as the grass around them. As I peer off into the distance I see two guys riding a bicycle. With numbers on them, I assume there must be a race happening.

Little did I know.

The riders begin to come into a better view, I quickly recognize the faces. One resembles the notorious leader of the mafia, Albert Francis Capone, the son of late Alphonse Capone. The other man resembles Tony Soprano. Both sentenced to death for their horrible recreation of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre where 38 people shot to death. Capone and Soprano stole the bikes from a couple lying on the beach.

The two riders apparently are the escaped convicts. Still wearing their prison uniforms, I do not know how the police did not captured them. As they ride by, I notice the helmets look as if made from a new bullet proof material S.W.A.T. uses which they stole from the prison. If they get noticed and a cop shoots at them, the bullet does not penetrate the helmets.

I immediately call the police...