Im the king of the castle

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Chapter 1: this chapter is an introduction to the story, the first two characters are introduced here. These characters are named mr. Hooper and Edmund Hooper. The story starts with the death of edmund's grandfather, they visit him and later het dies. Mr. Hooper and Edmund went to live in the house of Edmund's grandfather, it was a big ugly house made of dark, red brick, it was called Warings , there were no other houses near it. one night Edmund got out of bed. He walked across the hall and he took a key from the desk. This was the key to the Red Room, he walked to a very big door and he unlocked it. The room was like a museum, Edmund's father had been a great collector of moths and butterflies. Edmund looked in a glass case and he touched a large black moth then the moth became dark dust.

The next day mr. Hooper told Edmund that someone will come to look after the house because mr. Hooper has to go to London very oft. He also told him that the one who comes here to look after house has a boy the same age as himself, he doesn't like this, he doesn't want a friend.

Chapter 2: When the Kingshaws arrive Edmund throws a piece of paper out of the window which said "I DID NOT WANT YOU TO COME HERE" Charles picked up the paper and he read it, he was afraid. When the two boys first meet they have a fight because Edmund says he own's everything in the house. Edmund also tells Charles that he has to sleep in the bed in which his grandfather died, this is not true. Charles hates his mother for taking him to this house and...