An Immigrant Short Story

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Papa's Journey to AmericaAfter the Civil War, many immigrants came to the United States . One of those immigrants was 16 year old Papa Joe. He came from China(1) in 1872 to search for freedom(2). As Papa was about to aboard the vessel, Angel, to leave China , he said his good byes to his family and friends that didn't get enough money to pay for the trip to America . Papa's mother Nanny, gave him an envelope that was sealed and not to be opened until he got on the ship so that he didn't turn back because of his family. When Papa got on board, he opened the envelope and saw that his mother had given him money and a note. The note mention how much his family was going to miss him and to have a safe trip. While Papa was in the ship, he met a friend named Joe Ma, Joe told Papa the reason why he left China , the reason was because of land shortages.

His country did not have enough land to meet the country’s growth. And people were forced to be crowded into smaller places like grocery stores and things of that nature. Joe Ma understood where Papa Joe was coming from. As Angel docked at Angel Island in San Francisco Bay(3) where the processing of immigrants began. He was then questioned and was kept in a filthy ramshackle building,(3) where he waited to see if he would be accepted or rejected to become a U.S. Citizen. Papa Joe was amazed how much bigger everything was in America. So, the first thing Papa did when he reached this new land was search for a better job than the one he had in China . Papa Joe went to every place where...