Immigration and the Economy

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Will McGillis




A bad economy and people losing jobs in the blink of an eye is never a good thing for America. There are many measures we can take to prevent a bad economy. On thing that should decrease is immigration. Excessive immigration will result in more illegal immigration, job losses for Americans, and will hurt other countries.

Due to illegal immigration, the government has arrested and deported millions of people. If a person in a different country sees a lot of people moving to America, he or she is more likely to illegally come to the United States. Illegal immigration needs to be kept to a minimal. Also, Americans have something to do with illegal immigration. For instance, a restaurant owner may illegally bring immigrants to America and treat them poorly and not pay for their work. Every citizen in the United States should be aware of illegal immigration and crack down on it.

If more immigrants are coming to America, they will need to work. That means less job opportunities for Americans and that is not what we want. We want Americans to get back to work. Another thing is that if an immigrant has lesser of an education than an American, they can be paid less than the American. Companies would rather pay somebody $8.50 an hour than $25.00 an hour. This again takes job opportunities from Americans. As stated before, less job opportunities for Americans is not what the ultimate goal is. What we do want, is Americans to have jobs.

Leaving a different country for the United States, immigrants can hurt their native country. Companies in other countries may be forced to shut down if their top employees all leave to the U.S. Also, if people are...