The public sector is immune to the changes brought about by globalization and the private management response to it. Discuss.

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The worst you can say about the public sector being immune to changes brought about by globalisation, is that it adapts slowly to the changes, due to the bureaucratic system that surrounds it. Globalisation has too many effects and influences that the public sector surely cannot be immune to, in a developed country, as people are literate and they expect that the public sector does it's part in serving public interest. The public sector can never be immune to the changes brought about by globalisation, it can only resist. If the public sector resists globalization for many years in can hold back the country from a race that has started way back, making it far more difficult for the country to achieve development. .

Public sectorIn order to better understand the effects of globalization on the public sector we have to look at how this sector is divided and then see how globalisation effects each of these sectors.

Every Public Sector can be effected in many ways, but technologic advancements appears to effect each sector.

Central government deptLike every department in the public Sector, Central government is one of utmost importance as incorporated within are important departments such as Education, Health,Social Policy, Environment, Police etc. These departments effect the development of the people, so if they are not open to globalisation, therefore not open to change than the people will be left uninfluenced by modern technologies brought about by globalisation.

The Prime Minister himself talks about globalisation and says that we have to 'adopt to the new rules of the game.'Malta's employers association: " The association agrees that quality education is a national priority, both as means of personal development and for economic and social reasons. If Malta wants to compete and prosper in the world's globalised marketplace, it can...