Immigration Law-The National Gatekeeper

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Canadians are not the only people iun search of admission into Canada. Among the number of people entering Canada, there are also visitors and immigrants. Visitors are those who wish to stay herer for a short period of time. Immigrants are those who wish to become a resident in Canada.

Canada must consider the benefits that an applicant offers to Canadians. These applicants include self-employed people and entrepreners. These people may provide many jobs for Canadians and may aid in reducing the unemployment rate, entrepreneurs also improves our economy.

However, everyone in search of admission into Canada must pass through imigration when they arrive in Canada. This where our flaw is. Many of these immigration officers fail to see the firged documents that one utilizes to enter Canada. Many of these immigration officers are corrupt themselves. So how do we deal with the forged documents issue? When an applicant arrives in Canada, immigration officers must be sure that these applicants have attained their documents from there own country's immigration system.

Immigration in Canada must do whatever it takes to be sure that these documents are genuine. We may need to call, write, fax, whatever it takes, we need to be sure that these documents are authentic. It may take time to authenticate documents, but when documetns are authentic then people are legally entitled to enter Canada.

When Immigration in Canada is attempting to authenticate an applicant's documents, we should also attempt to find a criminal record under the alias that an applicant is using. We need to do this to avoid increasing crime rates. We Canadians should be sure that the applicant is not on any "wanted" list in any other country, we ned to be sure that the applicant has no criminal record in his past, if anyone is a threat to any other country then they are a threat to Canadians also. These potential threats include terrorists. Our American neighbours are possibly the number one target for terrorsist groups. These terrorists enter the U.S.A. via Canada so we need to be very cautious. It may cost us Cnadians millions of dollars to perform these precautions but we are confident that our government is doing whatever they can for the safety of millions of Canadians.

The health condition og an applicant should also be considered. Canada needs to be sure that an applicant will not be the cause of a disease outbreak. Yes there are flase chest x-rays available on the black market for these applicants but Canada must take measures to be sure that these x-rays are legitmate. When these apllicants are here at a port in Canada, we need to tell them that we a chest x-ray performed at their expense. It will take time and money but the health conditions are more important than a few millions dollars.

refugee claimants are difficult to handle. They just arrive in Canada and tell our immigration officers that their homeland has conditions that are unbarable. When this happens there is time for our immigration officers to be sure that their claim is valid. We need to be updated with what's happening in the world. Usually refugee claimants arrive in large numbers. When a person arrives by himself and claims that his home country is war-torn and he cannaot live there, that;s pretty obvious that he is not a person qualified to immigrate as a refugee.

Canada's population is aging. The ratio of old people to young people is much larger. Yes, maybe we need more people but are we accepting the ightpeople? We need people who can start many jobs for people. We need people that can take care of themselves and not cost the taz payers millions of dollars for them to live in our country. In this country it is survival of the fittest, everyman for thenselves. Tax payers cannot privide funds for thos who are not willing to join the workforce, when this does happen you may get more people leaving our country rather than entering our country. These precautions cost us tax payers millions and millions of dollars, but we need to be safe rather than sorry. When many of these applicants are rejected and deported home to their home country, then maybe those who are planning to immigrate here to Canada without legitimate documents will realize that it is not so easy to con the immigration system in Canada and they will stop wasting our time and they will stop wasting millions of tax payers money.