Immigration: An Opinion Regarding Two Conflicting Viewpoints

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Daniel James' "Close the Borders to All Newcomers" and Stephen Moore's "Give Us Your Best, Your Brightest" reflect two very different viewpoints on immigration. James perceives immigration as a strain on our society, economy and environment. In opposition, Moore views immigration as a benefit to the people of America. James fails to present a decent opposing argument in his work. Both authors use only the statistics that work in their favor, conveniently forgetting those that would disprove their point of view. Although Moore fails to present numbers that would work against him, it is implied that he understands the disadvantages of open immigration by his solution.

In "Close the Borders to All Newcomers," James portrays immigrants as a burden to the United States of America. To him, it seems that they come here with nothing but ill intentions. They take our jobs, destroy our environment, commit crimes, and abuse our welfare.

James fails to consider all of the wonderful things that immigrants have done for our country. He fails to weigh the drawbacks with the contributions.

James only presents that immigrants are abusing welfare without considering how many United States natives do exactly the same thing (James, 2005, p. 580). For example, several communities of polygamist Mormons continue to take advantage of welfare. The men will continue to have children with their multiple wives, and then the wives will claim welfare at the will of their husbands. This is possible because many of the marriages are not legal, and therefore are not recognized by the government. The men, though many of them extremely wealthy, are not held financially responsible for neither their wives nor their children. The government shells out millions of dollars each year to support these people who do not need it. Many of the immigrants who...