The impacts of homework stress on adolescents

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This issue is important to our current society, where the definition of a successful life is moving towards being wealthy. Many parents are becoming focused on their child's academic performance under the belief that good marks lead to a wealthy career and consequently a successful life. Many schools also support the notion of giving students a large amount of work because of the advantages of gaining a good reputation (however some schools are more concerned about the students' wellbeing and while opposed to over-working the students, the parents demand them to give the students more work).

High amounts of homework pressure on students has a detrimental impact on both adolescents and the wider society. The National Health Orgnaisation defines health as "a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing". Work stress is detrimental to the physical, mental and social wellbeing of students, constituting as a serious health risk. Work stress is detrimental to the physical health of students because the time required and consumed by work and study leaves the students with very little, if any, time to do exercise.

Health problems also arise from not moving for long periods of time, typing and looking at a computer screen / book for long periods of time. Work stress is a mental health risk for obvious reasons of psychological pressure, which can lead to depression. Finally, this issue is also detrimental to a student's social health because they are forced to spend less time with friends and more time working.

The health risks are particularly dangerous at this time in the students' lives, as their brains and bodies and undergoing major development. Poor physical, mental and social health at this time can lead to poor physical, mental and social development which will be a life-long problem.

The impacts on the adolescents...