Ways to ease pressure- Induced stress

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Often college students tend to overload their plate with activities. The result of this is stress. Stress can be both good and bad depending on how it is guided. For instance, it is a good thing for people to participate in activities; however, participating in too many activities can lead to feeling weighed down. Stress can be a build-up of situations that include work, school, finances, relationships, family and friends. That build-up of situations perfectly describes the average college student. Some stress cannot be eliminated; however the feeling of being stressed can be reduced.

Sleep is a very important piece to staying healthy and happy. When sleep is interrupted, or not enough is had, it can cause a bad mood and anxiety. These two factors can lead to stress, making someone feel exhausted. It is key that the student get enough sleep during the college years. If staying up late is something that is desired, maybe try waking up early to get some homework done that day.

Try going to bed a little earlier. Sleep is very important and it is important to make time for it.

Forgiving: Sometimes someone may say or do something that is upsetting. That person usually just goes on about his or her day, not even thinking the damage it could have done someone else. However, if this person's actions or words are still bothersome, it is time to forgive. Forgiving is not saying that the other person is right; it simply lets the person holding the grudge free from the feeling of annoyance. That in and of itself says a lot. It is important to forgive that person to feel better inside. Most of the time, confrontation is not even necessary. Sometimes things are better left unsaid, but it is a good idea to...