The Impacts of HRIS on HRM Functions

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The Impacts of HRIS on HRM Functions:

Staffing: Staffing Functions are the main activities Concern with seeking & hiring qualified employees.

Recruitment: Works as the main components of HRM information system that develops

A pool of qualified applicant's potential for a job.

Analysis: Analysis the specific or variety of skill that requires for the potential job.

Selection: Selection process is very important to hire appropriate employee for potential job is a crucial Task. Wrong selection may result in a low productivity of the Organization. Staffing Function is very sensitive with selection process. Proper Selection ensures higher production.

Training & Development: Training & Development is a Ongoing process to develop workers abilities & skills. The Components of HRIS such as Training programmed, Employee Self service, learning management, Scheduling greatly affects the Training 7 Development Structure of an Organization.

Training Program: According to the recruitment skills of a job the training program should be arranged.

For Example, after recruitment in a bank the employee has to complete a period of training related to the kind of job she/he has to perform.

Employee Self-Service: If the job requires day-to-day updates of skills then there should have some self service system to an Organization so that the employees can update their Skills regularly.

Learning Management: Employee has to adjust themselves with the Organization behavior. Employees need to learn the culture of the organization.

How the Information system is communicated & how their position fits the Organization structure & strategy.

Scheduling: Training & development Functions must be affected by Scheduling. That is the time period of training & the performance evaluation of development must match appropriately.

Motivation: To motivate employees exert at high energy levels greatly affected by the following components of HRM.

Employee Training: Helps employee training should be design in a such a...