HR Roles and Responsibilities

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HR Roles and Responsibilities


"HR was once, not so long ago, called "Personnel", a glorified clerical function. Today's HR professional is the cornerstone of the organization and provides the foundation for a strong, effective, and profitable organization" (University of Phoenix, 2006). Human resource management (HRM) is defined as, "the policies, practices, and systems that influence employees' behavior, attitudes, and performance" (Gerhert, Hollenbeck, Noe, & Wright, 2003). Current trends in globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics change the roles of HRM. This paper will explain these roles and the impact they have on an organization.


Today's marketplace does not center on the US like it did 15 years ago. Organizations in the US now compete against and work with companies across the globe. HRM is responsible for training employees for international assignments. An organization looking to do business overseas must know and understand the cultural and business practices of the places they wish to do business in.

This information must be taught to expatriates in order for organizations to succeed overseas. HR is responsible for picking qualified employees and making sure they are properly trained. With a high failure rate of US expatriates, organizations need to invest the time and money on training now instead of losing extra money in the future.


The innovation of today's technology greatly impacts the workplace. Having knowledge of this technology benefits the organization and its members. New advancements have not only changed the role of HRM but have also changed the way they conduct business. The use of a HRIS is increasingly important for HR components to stay organized and up-to-date. "Human resource information system (HRIS), a computer system used to acquire, store, manipulate, analyze, retrieve, and distribute information related to an organizations human resources"...