Importance of the Alamo

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When many people think of Texas, they think of cowboys, Indians, but also some of them think of the Alamo. The Alamo is the most popular tourist attraction in Texas. A little more then 3 million visitors visit the Alamo every year. It's located in an ideal location, the heart of Texas, San Antonio. The history of the Alamo is very significant to Texas' independence which ultimately led to Texas becoming a part of the union. The Alamo altered history in Texas and also throughout the rest of the United States.

Prior to when the Alamo was built where it lies today, it was initially at different locations. In the early eighteenth century, around 1716, the Viceroy of New Spain endorsed the move of a mission from the Rio Grande to the San Antonio River. The original name of the Alamo was San Antonio de Valero. It was originally was set up as a mission, but in the early 19th century it was turned into a military outpost.

A church was set up outside of it that served for the military people. Also there was a military hospital in the San Antonio de Valero outpost. Around 1830 when there was high immigration to Texas from the United States, the Mexican government decided to slow down immigration. They set up a law that prohibited the immigration from the United States. This was later appealed in 1833. Although they now allowed immigration, many of the Texans had bitter thoughts about Mexico. They did not really want to be a part of them any longer. Many complaints were sent to the Mexico and Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna finally did respond by giving the Texans more representation and organizing their government.

Although the Texans were represented a little, they still wanted more. They...